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Lezione di Torà del giorno

Rashi's commentary is an indispensable part of a person's daily studies. His explanation of Chumash, the first five books of the Torah, clarifies the "simple" meaning of the text so that a bright child of five could understand it. At the same time, it is the crucial foundation of some of the most profound legal analysis and mystical discourses that came after it.
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Produced by King David, the book of Psalms has been a source of inspiration and a refuge from distress throughout the centuries for both Jews and non-Jews. To read from its pages is to enter into a conversation with G-d, whether to express our gratitude or plead for His compassion and confers upon the reader the ability to draw down a G-dly light which can light up the world. You can view Psalms in their original Hebrew or in a contemporary translation into English.
Il Tanya è stato scritto dall'Admor Hazaken, Rabbi Schneur Zalman di Liadi, ed è il testo fondamentale della chassidùt Chabad. Esso mostra al lettore un modo per compiere la propria missione e a sviluppare un rapporto più profondo con D-o.
Hayom Yom significa "giorno per giorno" ed è una collezione di pensieri concisi, spesso rilevanti alla stagione festiva o allo studio del giorno. L'Hayom Yom è stato scritto nell'anno 1942-1943 (5703 nel calendario Ebraico) ed il formato delle date di quell'anno è stato conservato, pertanto le parashiòt, le lezioni del giorno ecc sono collegati a quell'anno.
The Mishneh Torah was the Rambam's (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon) magnum opus, a work spanning hundreds of chapters and describing all of the laws mentioned in the Torah. To this day it is the only work that details all of Jewish observance, including those laws which are only applicable when the Holy Temple is in place. Participating in one of the annual study cycles of these laws (3 chapters/day, 1 chapter/day, or Sefer Hamitzvot) is a way we can play a small but essential part in rebuilding the final Temple.
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